Full Moon Tonight Aug 26th 2018

Tonight at 9.56pm in Melbourne, the Full Moon is in Pisces. This Full Moon has a real potential to be a “clearing moon”, allowing our emotions to settle and strengthen the intuitive thoughts that may have been happening over the past weeks.

Sometimes leading up to a Pisces Full Moon we may have reflected on some of the decisions we might have recently made or even in the distant past. With the Full Moon in a powerful water sign it is a great time to let out our wish that, now, we are able to make things right, at last. Allow time over the next day or two to sit with your emotions and let what you know instinctively, from deep within your being, surface.

The Full Moon in Pisces is opposing the Sun as well now and so again, pausing and listening to your heart and balancing this with your head could be all that you will need. Perhaps it might be a good idea for you to make a list of things you would like to clear out emotionally from your life, some of the drama or pain that you may have carried with you. The planets Saturn and Uranus are both making a very positive aspects to the Moon and the Sun, both supporting the sense of clearing out and allowing change to enter your life. Blessings only in the darkness can you see the stars

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