Services Available

Astrological Counselling – is available with Fay, to explore your life’s journey, to assist you to get back on track or simply to assist you focus on which direction you really would like your life to go. We will explore strategies for you to work with and allow you to take more control of your life’s directions.

Fay aims to keep her fees relevant and affordable for all clients

All sessions include printed Charts and are able to be recorded.

First Session for new clients – 90 minute session $100

Subsequent Sessions for existing clients  – 90 minutes $85

Couples Synastry session – 120 minutes $125

Please note that new couple clients are requested to have their natal charts done first, as it is so important for them to know aobut their own individual journey, before the shared couple’s journey, is explored

Follow up Couples sessions – for 90 minutes $110

Baby or Child’s Chart – 60 minutes $70

Please don’t hesitate to contact Fay for any questions you may have about a session. Face to face sessions are often easiest for most people, however phone and Skype sessions may also be arranged.

So, if you would like to arrange a counselling session, as detailed, please call Fay on 0488 306 632 or  send an email to regarding her concession rates and to make an appointment time.