Why Astrology?

Psychological Astrology blends the imagery of the astrological chart and the real interactions with the person and the counsellor who work together to find the best path to take on that person’s individual journey.

Astrology may do this by assisting you to;

  • remember the paths you have trod in times gone by
  • understand the people who you have have travelled with,
  • decipher the messages that may have tripped you up
  • explore the direction you might like to try
  • assist you to decide on the best way to go forward

Seeing Fay who is a fully qualified professional Astrologer, with many years of experience of working with people, can provide you with insights, understanding and self knowledge about what makes you behave in certain ways, clarifying  issues to find new options and choices in your life.

Fay works with you on finding a way forward, finding opportunities to explore what you may be experiencing as quite difficult, right now.

Psychological astrology won’t tell you what to do but,  it will aim to assist you find your individual meaning, it will help you find the way that is right for you living your life,

It is a journey of self exploration, self knowledge, self reflection all the while using the chart’s imagery to gently guide your direction.

Fay will provide you with practical, down to earth support and guidance