Solar Eclipse

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Total Solar Eclipse


Recently, I had a client email me to say she had realised that she was flying overseas during a total solar eclipse and how, as a nervous flyer, she was concerned. I thought back to how, over many eons, human beings have been in awe and sometimes dread of solar and lunar eclipses, fearing this most natural phenomenon. Sometimes also feeling that it affected them physically and personally. Today science and photography has explained and shown us how this natural phenomenon occurs, but many many people still drive long distances and even fly to areas to experience this unusual aerial event. Funnily enough, living in Melbourne means the clouds often covers any chance of Super Blood Moons and other astronomical events! Of course for this Solar Eclipse it will not be visible over Australasia, but only in the South American region.

But, can a Solar Eclipse effect us here on earth? Well if we believe the premise that Astrology is the study of the effects of the planets, their positions, relationships within our Birth Charts then yes, we can certainly feel them, to a greater or lesser extent. The Solar Total Eclipse to be felt here on Tuesday the 3rd of July 2019 is in 10degrees of Cancer, which means that the Sun and the Moon, are together in Cancer. So what could the effect of a Solar Eclipse mean for us?

For some people, especially those who have the Sun or Moon in early degrees of Cancer it can have had a feeling of a new beginning, which could be marked in a way that is symbolic to that person. Perhaps writing down what they would like to happen over the coming year and making their wishes visual. Or light a candle a hold their thoughts in the light of that candle, then blow out the candle to instigate the changes beginnings. It can be a time of new starts and directions in your life. Embrace it and move forward with new enthusiasm.

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