Saturday was named after the planet Saturn and for most of us it is part of our, often long awaited, weekend.

This Saturday I wonder what you are doing? Housework, relaxing, spending time with family members, sport, just watching tv or going shopping?

Each person relaxes in their own way.

Some folk with a strong Saturn placement in their births charts or having transits of Saturn through their birth charts, may find that relaxing doesn’t come easy, they may have a sense of  difficulty in being spontaneous, letting go and having fun.

We can work with the influences of Saturn, the time keeper or some would say Karma.

Saturn is also hard working, and helps us to achieve our goals.

Sure, some of Saturn’s lessons will seem difficult, restricting, tedious and we may feel somewhat confining, but Saturn is also called the Great Teacher.

Today’s energy may feel some thing like a push pull effect, you may want to go forward but feel something is holding you back. Work with that energy, don’t feel defeated, use the power of it and you will be able to complete your tasks.

This is also a great day for structuring some new or innovative ideas you may have, perhaps you have thought about a new “out there” creation, unusual group you want to join, or you want to change how you work with people or even your current job. Today is a great day to start to structure these changes and make them a reality.

Whatever you do today, I hope you find some fun in your day!

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