As I sit today and reflect on what has been happening, in my life, I want to encourage everyone to aim to live out more of their dreams. Have you always secretly wanted to study a subject that is really different from your day to day work? Have you long wanted to take music lessons, [...]


Having a wonderful time at Easter or any break from your normal routine is a great thing. As busy people we tend to get caught up in the expectations of what we have to do, often forgetting to make time to do those things that we may enjoy. This break I have been a bit [...]


Saturday was named after the planet Saturn and for most of us it is part of our, often long awaited, weekend. This Saturday I wonder what you are doing? Housework, relaxing, spending time with family members, sport, just watching tv or going shopping? Each person relaxes in their own way. Some folk with a strong Saturn placement in [...]