Trying new things!

In the past six weeks I have been branching out into new areas to promote my Astrology work and to meet new people.

I have been going to Melbourne Psychic Expos to meet new people and doing 30 minute chart readings. Whilst I am always keen to let people know that I do not think I am psychic, reading a chart does blend your knowledge of Astrology with your intuition.

My normal sessions with clients are 1.5 hours, so I was initially nervous to try to do a reading that would be beneficial to clients in 30 minutes.

Having shorter sessions also means the person will get an “overview of their chart”. This allows new clients to decide if astrology resonates with them. The results have been great.

I suppose a lot of us are worried about how new things will go, prior to taking new steps or directions in our lives.

I guess my thoughts are that we may need to push ourselves to make those first fledgling steps and then take the deep breath and jump!!

You could be pleasantly surprised, as I was.

I have also accepted an invitation to speak at the Victorian Astrologers Association on Saturday 21st of July, in South Melbourne. This too also makes me feel kind of nervous, but excited too!

I am speaking on An Astrological Exploration of Adoption: Finding “Mother” in the Birth Chart. This subject is dear to me being adopted myself.

Life is to be lived and enjoyed as well!

If you feel that you have always wanted to have a personal one on one reading of you OWN Birth Chart, then maybe it is time to contact me and we can explore your chart together. Blessings Fay


stop thinking what could go wrong

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