Super – Blood- Blue Moon Eclipse!!

This Wednesday 31st of January late in the evening, we are in for a treat! There sill be a total lunar eclipse, a blue moon and a supermoon – all at the same time. None of these things is really all that unusual by itself. What is rare is that they’re happening all together on one day.

A lunar eclipse happens when the moon is completely in the Earth’s shadow.  Not withstanding clouds of course which we should all be able to see, this unusual event, from Australia.

The Penumbral eclipse will be visible from 9.50pm and by 11.50pm the Full Eclipse begins. The full eclipse will be visible until 1.07am and the eclipse finally finishes around  3.08am.

Total lunar eclipses are also sometimes called Blood Moons. because of the red to organge glow the Moon has during the eclipse. In some parts of the world, the eclipsed Full Moon will be a Blue Moon. It is also almost a Supermoon, prompting many to call this eclipse a Super Blue Blood Moon eclipse.

In Astrological terms a Full Moon is a great time to reap the harvest you have sewn in the past half of the year. It is a time for completion of those creative ideas that you started and perhaps to see some income from the seeds you have sewn.

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