New Beginnings

As I write this today, I am reminded that Birthdays are a great time to get in touch with the hopes and wishes we have for our lives. Birthdays are different for each person. Some people love their birthdays, want the fuss and attention, while others are happier if the birthday passes quietly.

Birthdays are a time when we often reflect on our age as well and as the time passes of course the years also add up. Sometimes people realise that the hopes they had might have had, seem to be passing them by.

At the moment the Sun is at 13 degrees Aquarius. So often we read about Aquarians being quiet “out there” really progressive, different and radical. However, remember that Aquarians are also a fix sign meaning they can be quite stubborn, wont do anything they dont want to and yet suddenly after quite a while of inaction they then appear to do things “out of the blue”. But this action may take them a long time to get to!


So for all of us, especially during this next few weeks, how do you harness the energy to make those hopes come back into your reality? Perhaps day to day life just gets in the way, the reality of family and work commitments.

However, we can all decide to head towards our goals, hopes and dreams and actually live the life we really want. Then its amazing how we gain momentum and confidence in that chosen direction.

My journey with Astrology has been a long one, sometimes I have taken side roads and been distracted by life and its challenges, but always I came back to the base.

The journey of our life is one that we can decide to take charge of, we might feel scared of change, but as the song by John Denver’s says “too grow old is to change, to change is to be new again…………”

So, whichever direction your life is taking you right now, remember you do have a choice and life can be what you want, be brave make the first steps and head towards the life that your want.

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