Having a wonderful time at Easter or any break from your normal routine is a great thing. As busy people we tend to get caught up in the expectations of what we have to do, often forgetting to make time to do those things that we may enjoy. This break I have been a bit selfish, which is a funny word isn’t it as it has self in it! We are reluctant to consider our needs first, often having a life time of doing for others.

But after seeing my family last weekend I have had time to myself this weekend. I have read a lot, watched some great TV with my partner, done some sewing, had some retail shopping and plan to do some gardening and visiting friends as well this week coming.

Sometimes I feel kind of guilty just relaxing! It’s as if I should be doing something. When we think like that is is often Saturn’s early messages that we are hearing again. Saturn is also a great help to discipline us and help us push through to carry out tasks. But sometimes it is fair to say today I will rest and I have worked hard enough for a while.

Harness your own Sunshine and bask in the joy of enjoying what it is you want to do, be at one with yourself and let your own playful wishes come through. Please yourself and see how the batteries will recharge for you.

We can all go back to our busy lives soon enough!

I hope whatever you are doing over this Easter Break is bringing you some joy!


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