A New Year dawns………

So, here we are in 2018 already! Life flies past, time goes quickly January is a great month, as many people are on holidays. In the astrological sky there are lots of strong suggestions for a leisure filled, month with new pleasures.

In the first fortnight of January when Venus squares Uranus you might feel energised, wanting to do something unexpected or just have fun with something you wouldnt normally do! Saturday the 20th we see Venus is in a positive mood with Neptune, so this might be a great day to do something creative, get out those paints, clay or sewing tools, find some beautiful wood to work with.

Later still, towards the end of the month Venus and Mercury connect with Uranus again and the theme is of beauty, creativity and making some positive decision about moving forward, sometimes in unlikely ways. Try to stay adaptable and open to new ideas, as you work towards your dreams and dont become too inflexible.

Enjoy your January!

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