As I sit today and reflect on what has been happening, in my life, I want to encourage everyone to aim to live out more of their dreams.

Have you always secretly wanted to study a subject that is really different from your day to day work?

Have you long wanted to take music lessons, do some painting, volunteer at that soup kitchen, take some time to go overseas, to just do something for you?

Today is a good day to start following your dreams.

Sometimes, in life we have dreams that will take a long time to become a reality, but it is still wonderful when those things we wanted, and our passions start to become our reality.

Do you worry that you are too old now, you have missed the boat, that life is going in a certain direction now and gosh, it is so hard to change?

The only person that can make a new beginning happen is you.

Yes it might take hard work and yes it might take a while to sort out your new direction. But once you make the decision it is half the effort.

Today is a great time to start something new, begin that movement towards your dreams, plant that seed that you can nurture over time to grow into a reality.

Astrology can assist you work with change as we explore your natal chart and investigate the transits of the planets that are also happening right now and in the short/long term future. I would love to work with you while you plan your new path, so please contact me to start your new journey.

stop thinking what could go wrong

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